*  Mounting Information﹕
    Gold﹕ 18K Gold in white
    No. of Round Brilliant Diamond﹕ 20
    Minimum Carat Total Weight﹕ 0.20 ct
    Mounting Price (0.80 ct)﹕ HKD11,500
    *  Loose Diamond Information﹕
    Certificate﹕ GIA
    Shape: Round
    Weight﹕ 0.70 ct
    Color﹕ I
    Clarity﹕ VS2
    Cut﹕ EX
    Polish: EX
    Symmetry﹕ EX
    Fluorescence﹕ None
    Loose Diamond Price﹕ HKD23,600


    * There is a choice of different weight, color and clarity of International Certificate Diamond;

    * PINKBOX reserves the right to adjust the market price accordingly;

    * In case of dispute, the decision of PINKBOX shall be final.

Ring Size:
Total Price: HKD 35,100.00
  • FR8816W3M

  • FR8818W3M

  • FR8821W3M

  • FR8822W3M

  • FR8868W3M

  • FR8880W3M

  • FR8898W5M

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